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  • Vinyasa Flow: A slow and dynamic Vinyasa focused on somatic embodiment. For those who want to deepen their positions, study their limits and challenge their minds and bodies. A path to transformation using ancient and modern healing tools.


  • Hatha Flow: A class inspired by the tools of Rasa Yoga, a fusion of Bhakti and Vinyasa Flow, based on creativity and sacred intention. Built with myth, mudras, mantras, meditation and rituals. For the students who have a deep desire for inner growth.

  • Afro Brazilian Flow: A class designed by Livia Oliveira with rhythmic movements inspired by capoeira, afro dance and yoga. A union that works time, agility, cardio, strength, fluency and space. A collective flow using the high, mid, and low planes of the shala guided by percussion instruments as drum and berimbau. An experience full of signs of ancestry, resilience and sacredness of root cultures: African, Brazilian and Hindu.

  • Restorative Yoga: Explores the capacity to relax deeply, to understand the body and mind more intimately. The restorative practice includes props like cushions, blankets, blocks and straps, to help the practitioner explore deep relaxations, stillness, inner peace and many physical benefits. The pranayama techniques bring awareness of breathing and the subtle body.


  • Private Class:  The private class works with the needs of the student and provides greater assistance from the teacher allowing adjustments and supports when necessary. A practice aligned with the body and mobility of each one, provides a connection with your own rhythm and an optimized evolution.


  • Online: Online classes are done through the Zoom platform and bringing the convenience of practicing wherever you are and allowing you to create groups of friends and family from all over the world. In addition to live online classes, you can count on a library with classes and content already recorded so that you can access and practice when you want.

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